“The Word”


Jesus is called by many names in the Bible. Each name is like a prism that
reflects something new about His marvelous wisdom and ways. Whether
He is called “The Word,” “The Lamb of God,” or “The Rose of Sharon,”
each name reveals another aspect of His beautiful character. The name
“Michael” also reveals something very important about Jesus. It indicates
how closely He identified with the angels before He took on the form of a
man. The subject of Christ’s preexistence is important because the disclosure
of Jesus, His authority, power, love and humility is a very encompassing
subject. To the angels, He is Michael the archangel (the prefix arch
means “over” or “above” all angels). To man, He is Jesus, Savior, King of
kings and Lord of lords, the “archman,” if you will. A revealing of all that
Jesus is also exposes the other members of the Godhead since the members
of the Godhead are one in purpose, plan and action. The Father and
the Holy Spirit are keenly interested in the actions and testimony of Jesus
because as “The Word,” He represents them, too. Since Jesus is the
Creator/Heir of Earth, He will take possession of Earth at an appointed
time. People who trust in Him for salvation should be willing to understand
all they can about Him and His ways since He is Lord and Master to all who
call on Him.

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